For 10 years (1991- 2001) I  was the author of the column  Language Profiles for TESL Ontario’s Contact publication.

Here is the link to the Hungarian profile that appeared in that column in the fall 2001.  Please note that there is a Hungarian individual profile available that is about 26 pages long as well as being a 20-page chapter in Language Profiles, Volume I.

The profiles in both book and individual format are much more comprehensive and contain an example of the language’s written script, flag and map of the country of origin.

Also, here is a sample of Arabic from Languages Matter! Celebrating 2008, International Year of Languages; Language Profiles (Volume II) and Arabic (individual language profile).

If you are interested in a specific language that is listed in any of the 3 volumes and would like to preview a sample of it, please contact us to have the sample emailed to you: